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Welcome to a place to share research on a variety of topics, to share ideas, to disseminate information that is informative (and hopefully, helpful), as well as a place to post, blog, and anything else that might strike my fancy (that IS what a blog is all about, isn’t it?).  A melting pot of information on a multitude of topics.

“Genetics loads the gun and environment pulls the trigger.”~Francis Collins

I am ME!

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”~Oscar Wilde

I am also a school psychologist,  animal rescuer, animal welfare proponent, educational advocate, dog mommy, doggie foster mommy, humane educator, philosophy fan, avid reader,  student of Buddhism, among others.  Someone with a rabid thirst for knowledge and a love of research.  I hope to share information on a variety of topics that are of interest as well as share a laugh, a musing, a thought…anything goes!

Thank you for visiting!

~be love~

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him.”-Buddha

pure, unconditional love…

In the water in Negril. As Chesney says, “Ambition fades with every wave, for the finer things in life.” I sooooo get it.

Mr A-Z and me. I believe Jason is a great example of positivity and focusing on the good.

Just as Jason will probably never know how much I was impacted by our conversation (and my gratitude to him for taking time out of his busy schedule to do so), it just goes to show that you never know how your words (good or bad) will affect someone else.  As it happened, just after Jason and I met, I had something life-altering happen to me that could have changed the trajectory of my life as it related to my career.  While most would definitely not consider it something positive, I was able to turn it around and make that one of the most positive experiences in my life.  In addition to my own views and beliefs, I fell back on a few resources and comments Jason made (and I am sure he didn’t think anything we spoke about would have an impact).  In honor of that, here’s some inspirational Mraz:

“If it’s a broken part, replace it
But, if it’s a broken arm then brace it
If it’s a broken heart then face it

And hold your own
Know your name
And go your own way

And everything will be fine
Everything will be fine.” JM

“Live high
Live mighty
Live righteously…” JM

  1. Dearest Lederr:

    Many thanks for reading my thoughts regarding what the NYC Dept. of Education did to David Suker.

    Very few targeted NYC teachers survive. Even if they manage to retain their job, their life and career are effectively never the same. In almost every way their passion and desire to continue to work in a system that tried to destroy them as a human being is forever afterwards totally ruined.

    Like Humpty Dumpty falling off “the wall” a NYC teacher or any teacher anywhere, for that matter, who has gone up against “the system”, and been retaliated against with a vengeance, is never the same person after that Life altering experience.

    Even as I spent almost seven years battling the sadistic failed human beings who had sought to destroy my highly Decorated and storied career, I knew that once I was vindicated in a State Trial, of all the hideously obscene and knowingly contrived false allegations that had been made against me, I would tender my permanent resignation and move on with my life.

    And I did.

    I need not bring coals to New Castle here. It is clear from the long detailed comment you sent me that you have seen it all just as I have. When one observes the types of human beings who have totally hijacked the entire multi billion dollar world of Education in America it is enough to make one throw up his/her arms to Heaven and scream at the top of one’s lungs:

    “If there is a God somewhere up above, where is he/she now as the lives of millions of innocent children are being routinely destroyed on a daily basis.

    But let me stop with that statement lest I go on forever with all the nightmares I have witnessed first hand that have all but broken my heart as I have seen countless innocent children robbed of their Constitutional Rights and a chance at a decent future.

    Let me say “Wow, and wow and wow” about how absolutely special you and Mr.A-Z are.

    Both your own thoughts and outlook and those of Mr.A-Z are truly “something else”.

    It is like a blast of fresh air to learn there are still really sane, sensitive and brilliant human beings out there who make up for all the horrendous things we see happening to so many innocent and defenseless Souls all around us.

    May the Gods Bless you both for being who and what you are and the way in which your loving Karma radiates outward, like ripples on a still pond at the break of a new day, so pregnant with new limitless possibilities to make the world a better place in spite of all the Evil Doers.

    Please do tell Mr.A-Z how deeply his words affected me straight to the core of my heart- and your words, thoughts and positive ideas as well.

    Perhaps we will all meet one day somewhere, somehow before the end of all our Journeys.

    This is who I am: http://www.OldMasterPortraits.com

    What a joy to reflect that there are such people as you in this world. It all reminds me of one of my favorite books in the entire world, THE LITTLE PRINCE by the immortal Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

    Safe Journeys always kind hearted Lady.

    I wish you the Best of the Best that Life can offer.

    David Pakter

  2. Check out my recent post- http://alysonontherun.wordpress.com/2012/11/05/teaching-happiness-it-can-be-done/

    Thank you for your inspiration! 🙂

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