Mastering anxiety

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Mastering Anxiety – By Dr. Neil Kobrin, Author of “Emotional Well-Being, Embracing the Gift of Life”

September 8, 2012

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Anxiety is something everyone deals with, potentially on a daily basis. Some people encounter it more than others, and everyone deals with it differently. In order to master anxiety, one must be able to return to peace.

This reminds me of a great story of a monk from a monastery in the deep, back woods of India.

One day, the monk finds out that he’s going to be celebrated by the greatest master of his time. The master is going to visit the monastery and honor him with an award for all of the great work that he’s done in his lifetime. The monk is very flattered, and the whole monastery spends the entire day preparing for the master’s arrival. They clean and cook and get the whole place set up for this wonderful feast in honor of their monk. The master comes to the table and sits to the right of the monk and begins praising him for dedicating his life as someone who takes a vow to eliminate suffering for all beings.

The entire feast goes well, the master is very impressed. Soon, everyone is off to their individual chambers to sleep. That night, a disciple hears a sound by the windows and runs over to see what’s going on. He sees his master with a rucksack on his back heading out to the woods. The disciple climbs out of the window and runs up to his master and asks, “Where are you going, Master?” The master looks deeply into his disciple’s eyes and replies, “I failed today.” The disciple is confused. “What are you talking about, Master? Everybody honored you. It was beautiful.” The master looked at his disciple and reflected, finally saying, “That may be true my son, but just at the height of the ceremonies I looked down and noticed my palms were sweating. I have much work to do.” And so he went into the woods to sit in meditation and contemplation.

Now this story is confusing for some because it’s ending is ambiguous. That’s one of the things I like best about it, different people can interpret it different ways.

Similarly, mastering anxiety is done differently by different people. The monk was anxious, even while being praised by the great master. Perhaps it was because he was being praised by the great master and all of the preparation that went into the feast. Regardless, he was anxious and needed to return to his peaceful state. For him, meditation and contemplation worked. Perhaps they will also work for you.

Do you have a method you use to master anxiety and return to your own peaceful state?  Respond by commenting here, or feel free to join the conversation on my Linkedin Group http://bit.ly/MindfulMomentsGroup

Until next time, Dr. Neil Kobrin



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