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In ADHD on Monday, 10 September 2012 at 17:26

someone was lamenting (and rightly so, but it’s not really a great agent of change, obviously) about the difficulty of being ‘newly’ diagnosed with adhd as an adult, when, as we all know, this person was adhd as a child and unidentified (you can’t diagnose adhd without there being a developmental component).  so, this person basically said that it kinda sucked that they only NOW have an explanation as to why they felt the way they did then and a kind of, “what if…”  i’m not making ANY value judgments here!  trust me, i can only imagine the “could” and “should haves” (and what does adler say about society’s “shoulds?”  they cause…what???)  that  go through one’s mind.  but…to me the next step seems so simple.  i understand the fright that might go with having to actually go out and confront the idea and accept it.  but…once you do (and this can go for anything, this is certainly not exclusive to adhd), DO SOMETHING!  life isn’t about the moments you wanted to experience.  or thought about experiencing.  and this go round is only once.  if you’re lucky, you’ll have another shot.  it’s all about the karma…

so, this was my drafted response to this person: “ the first step is done, you received an adhd diagnosis!  an explanation, so to speak.  at the very least you obtained an “ah-ha moment.”  Now go inform yourself and DO something!  read the studies.  read barkley’s latest adult adhd book.  it’s a wonderful read about adult adhd and those, like you, who were adhd in childhood and didn’t get diagnosed until adulthood.  i really enjoyed it.  yes, it stunk that, for so many years, you didn’t know and you can extol all the things you could have done…but, where is that going to get you???  take action now that you have an explanation as to why you felt things were so difficult.  there ARE effective treatments that work.  i tend to appreciate all things quantifiable and like to refer to the literature.   as an admitted and proud “quantoid,”  it is pretty clear to me what works.  but, what you decide to do about and how you decide to go about it is personal.  but…just do SOMETHING!”

i’m comin’ out!

sidenote:  consider this post my “coming out.”  while i am ALL ABOUT the oxford comma and all things proper grammar (hello, do we know what an adverb is???  or, at the very least, the difference between “good” and “well???”), when i write freestyle (i.e. non-work or professionally related, i prefer not to use punctuation.  i never learned how to type .  while i have my own way that is efficient for me (i have tried every typing program known to man and can type excellently IN MY HEAD) and i am blaming muscle memory.  i get by just fine.  but, i don’t want to worry about the shift key every other second.  i’m telling you, i’d like to say it’s a “style thing” a ‘la e.e.cummings, but, sadly, i’m not THAT cool.  it’s more of a pragmatic thing.  but…if you prefer to think i’m cool…well, then, you go right ahead!  consider it geek chic and color me flattered!

so, from now on, if i am just posting free-thought, whatever comes to mind (i.e. see everything above), you will, most hopefully, see proper punctuation (albeit quite possibly a liberal use of ALL CAPS, ellipses, parenthesis, and quotation marks) but not proper capitalization.  and i like proper spelling.  hey, it’s just how i roll…

~be love~

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