the real gay agenda…

In Gay rights, LGBTQI on Wednesday, 3 October 2012 at 07:09
The Real Gay Agenda

Posted by Samantha Ray (cause leader )

Your pledge matters


This is not complicated…
1. Freedom from discrimmination in employment and housing in all 50 states.
2. The right to visit partners in hospitals.
3. The right for gay youth to grow up free from intimidation, bullying, and violence.
4. The right to serve openly and proudly in the military.
5. The right to obtain health care benefits, pensions, and social security through our spouses.
6. The right to adopt, and the right to have custody of our own children, no matter our sexual orientation.
7. Immigration rights for foreign spouses of gay Americans.
8. Inheritance rights for our partners or spouses.
9. The right to marry.
10. Equality and respect for all individuals and their families.


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