Why Do So Many Teachers Quit Their Jobs? Because They Hate Their Bosses – The Atlantic

In Education, Education advocacy, School reform on Tuesday, 20 November 2012 at 07:34

is it the principals specifically or the fact that the principals are also pawns to the “higher ups” (i.e. the system, those that don’t work in the schools but make the rules, the boards, etc.) and are also in the firing line (by this, i mean can be easily replaced should they not comply with the education reformists and those that rule from their offices).  in my district, the principals are also being evaluated based on scores, data, and subjective measures.  i really believe they, too, feel the pressure of those of us in the trenches and most of them are in the trenches as well.  while there are definitely some nefarious characters that are principals, there are some who try to fight the good fight and just want what’s best for their kids.  they, too, have not had raises in the last 6 (yes, i said 6) years and are under some of the same pressures as teachers and support staff.  

as for salaries, we have not had any kind of raise in 6 years and were told there were none on the horizon.  i signed my first contract with my county 10 years ago.  i was quite happy with my salary and degree credit.  fast forward 10 years later.  because of furloughs and the fact that i went from a 205 days a year employee to 190, as well as a 50% cut of my degree credit because i don’t work in a classroom and am directly related to “student achievement” (i am a psychologist at FOUR schools, and i DO believe i have MUCH to do with achievement but, in our new data-driven school system, i guess you can’t see what i do on standardized tests), i am now making LESS than i did 10 years ago when i signed my first contract.  i believe my net loss is around $14,000.  how many people would put up with that?  but, we are told time and time again, “at least you have a job.” 

well, my county is now looking to outsource some very important programs.  i guess that “at least you have a job” may not apply to everyone by next year.

yes, bad bosses are one reason, but i have to believe they are just pawns or figureheads in this education reformist scheme and are forced to “follow the party line.”  

then again, i have had some REALLY bad principals, too.  let me assure you, those that LOVE power and micromanagement…they could definitely make you leave a job!!!  i get it.

Why Do So Many Teachers Quit Their Jobs? Because They Hate Their Bosses – The Atlantic.


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