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i work in the schools, so i am off for the summer and, as all of you who work in the schools know, we probably get even more excited about this time than the kids do!  my plan was to have a nice quiet summer, but someone else had other plans for me.  first, i want to share the following article:

Do Animals Reincarnate?

I Kuthumi greet you once more. I come in request to answer the question “Do animals have multiple lives as humans do?”

This is an interesting question and will be of interest to many. First I must tell you that all animals contain a consciousness.
Some species contain a more developed consciousness than others. Yet all behavior patterns stem from DNA and consciousness. Man has often thought of the elemental, plant, mineral and animal kingdoms as lower than himself. Yet all are part of creation and all contain consciousness.

All forms of life in God’s eyes are precious.

The answer to the question asked is yes, they do. The most familiar example I can give you is the dog, often known as your faithful companion. The soul of a dog evolves with each life time of experience. As the dog evolves in each lifetime, it usually forms a close bond with a human being, often more than one. As the dog cannot speak your language, it will communicate through energy and facial expressions.

Please remember I use the dog as a example. You often feel a dogs energy. One who is evolved will provide a peaceful energy as you rub your hand through it’s fur. Older people often receive great healing on an energetic level from an animal, they feel calm, peaceful in an evolved animal’s presence. Those who are unwell will often heal more quickly with the intermittent presence of a dog.

The dog has a very faithful nature to those whom it considers it’s family. Many times the dog will energetically take negative energy from your energy field. Of course if there is a lot of negative energy the dog can and will become ill, and sometimes even cross due to the great amount of negative energy it has “taken” from you. Many animals work on an energetic level, particularly the domestic dog and cat.

Those animals who remain in their native state, what you would term wild animals, do evolve, yet at a slower rate. Their consciousness is not as developed, so their focus is on survival and caring for their young.

Now the subject of incarnation. Let me continue with the example of the dog.

The more evolved the consciousness of the animal, the more they are able to communicate their feelings.

By this I mean of course the feelings of the emotional body. Feelings of love, grief, happiness, questioning – “why, why are you going away,” for example. Also feelings of great sadness. All of this the dog is able to communicate to you through your physical eyes and your own intuitive field of energy. So when a close relationship between a dog and a human is close, a bond is formed. This is similar to what you would experience with another human. You refer to these as “soul mates.” So you can have a dog, cat or horse as a soul mate also. Remember please that this occurs only in a close relationship with an animal of evolved consciousness.

Further, just as humans decide prior to incarnation to play a part in each others lives in the coming incarnation, so can animals with a human. The animal may not look the same as in it’s previous life. The fur may be a different color for example. It may be a different breed of dog. Yet they meet and the bond between dog and human is strengthened. Both are aware of a strong feeling of “knowing” the other. This is on the soul level, which is consciously felt as a “knowing.” Both have chosen this.

This is a higher level of consciousness for the dog. The dog incarnates through choice. At this level the life path is also known before incarnating. Life situations and circumstances will place the dog and human together at the correct time in both lives. The soul growth and purpose will flow as it is meant to.

Any karma owed is also experienced and we would hope, healed. So you see there are similar soul growth experiences for both human and dog.

Often an animal will reincarnate in one humans lifetime. You may recognize previous behavior patterns of a dog you thought had left you (died).

Yet the dog remembers on all planes, just as humans remember when they cross over. Just as you carry a soul imprint, including certain character traits, so does a dog. A cat is also capable of this. I tell you as I watch this one, Lynette, conducting a reading, I see pet animals coming forward to acknowledge the person along with loved ones crossed over. When they cross they all reside on the same plane you see.

Perhaps this is a timely reminder for mankind to respect all life forms. All play a part in the consciousness evolution of man and the planet. As you prepare to enter a year of Unity, of stepping forward in respect of one another, I ask you remember the many kingdoms who also share the planet- the elemental, plant, mineral and animal. I ask you develop a new awareness for these. It is not all about you – the human. No it is not. You must now begin to awaken your consciousness to sharing – with all. For all is part of God’s great creation.


Retrieved from: http://www.kuthumischool.com/en/teachings/volume8/animals.php

and now this:


 just in case you didn’t know ‘the story’ and why i KNOW i am keeping jude so soon, here it is (my apologies now, because i have a feeling this is going to be a long post).  baloo was my soul dog.  i have never felt a connection like i had with baloo.  i was doing rescue one day and all of a sudden i looked up and saw this little, all black, fuzzy puppy being brought through the parking lot to adoptions.  i cannot explain the exact feeling except to say part of my heart literally jumped out and landed in this baby.  he had not even gotten out of the parking lot (he was in his foster daddy’s arms).  i immediately went to see him and there was absolutely NO question he was coming home with me.  i have never felt a ‘pull’ like that…we were already connected.  i had always adopted adults because they can be more difficult to place, but i can’t explain it, i HAD TO have this pup. i already had my maggie and sadie, so i didn’t ‘need’ another dog.  the girls were bonded to each other so closely (in fact, maggie passed from brain cancer at 18 and sadie passed 3 weeks later…i always knew that would happen…sadie was 17 but in perfect health, she missed her sister.  i was comforted knowing they were together and they had lived wonderful lives).  for two 50-ish pound dogs, 17 and 18 is a very long life.  and it was a great one.

 anyway, i took home this puppy and it was love at first sight.  he was my rock and helped me through so many things.  some ‘quirks’ about baloo: he had this incredibly long tongue and it was usually out of his mouth; it was spotted, but only on one side; he was kind of a ‘loner’ and preferred me over other dogs; he loved chasing balls and would do so until he was literally lying on the ground so tired but still wanted to chase the ball.  when we went to the dog park, while maggie and sadie happily played with their friends, baloo would either chase the ball or be by my side; he became my running partner and we eventually worked up to 7 miles (it happened very slowly adding on a bit of distance at a time); as i said, he was my rock and always there to ‘lend an ear’ and knew exactly when i needed him. describing all his wonderful characteristics and amazing personality and abject outpouring of love that emanated from him  would take forever, but suffice to say, he was my heart and soul.   he could speak to me through his eyes and i always knew what he was saying.

 we spent 13 amazing years together.  when he lost use of his left side and was starting to refuse food or water, i knew it was near.  he had taken to sleeping downstairs because of his arthritis, but once i saw he was unable to use his side, i brought him up to the bedroom.  he kept trying to roll over on his ‘good’ side and try to go downstairs.  so, i placed him in the blue baby pool the puppies are now in so he would be safe.  baloo hated going to the vet when he got older and would shake and shake (this is a dog who was never scared of anything), so i promised him i would not take him if he was at all conscious because i could not make those his last moments.  i took off from work to be able to spend however long with him.  i also have to say that baloo was incredibly stubborn.  so, i knew when he absolutely refused food and i was giving him iv’s and water through a syringe i knew that he was telling me something.  i spent the next 72+ hours by his side at all times.  we talked, i held him, we sang songs.  this all started on a thursday evening.  by Sunday morning, he was even refusing to let me use the syringe.  i put my head to his head and asked him to please, somehow let me know.  this whole time he had been completely conscious, reacting to noises, my voice, etc., and i could not take him to the vet like that.  he would know. i told him that he had been the very best dog in the world and if he was ready, please let me know what to do as i could not and would not take him to the vet when he knew where he was.  as we were lying there on sunday, i looked into his eyes and told him i loved him but that mommy would be fine and he shouldn’t worry.  i swear that he had been looking directly in my eyes until i told him that.  all of a sudden, his eyes became glazed over and he would not respond to me or to any neural stimulation.  i placed the pool into the back of the car (suv) and held him on the trip, trying to get even a pupil reaction to tell me he was still conscious.  he did not respond and i could tell from his breathing that it was his time.  my vet came to the truck and he was already pretty much gone.  this is a dog that needed a baby needle to get at his veins and, even then, it took many, many tries and the vet got it on the first try (even more difficult to do when they are dehydrated…it was as if baloo was ‘letting’ this happen).

 during his last day, i promised him that, if he ever wanted to come back to me, i would somehow, somewhere find a black, flat coat, chow mix who was pregnant and the next thing to happen in that pool would be life and not death.  i told him to wait and come back then if he wanted.  at the time, i had NO IDEA where i would find a black, flattie/chow mama (or have the time off to be able to take care of a new mom and pups).  they are not exactly the most common mix.  then, the morning of my FIRST day off work for the summer, i saw a photo of martha.  seeing her on my very first morning off, i believe, was baloo’s doing.  i HAD TO have her!!!  i have fostered over 100 dogs and never had ‘that’ feeling, I do it because they need me, not that I need them.   i am pretty stoic and not prone to crying, but i immediately felt this fervor that she was going to be with me by hell or high water and i was crying the whole time in a panic that I would not be able to get her.  i knew aau was beyond full but i was willing to take her and however many puppies on as my own and figure it all out later.  a wonderful lady called dinema  can attest to the fact that i was a bit ‘insane’ about getting martha asap, as she was her contact at the shelter and i was in such a frenzy to get her i called dinema (likely waking her up) and was amazed she could tell what i was saying through my tears.  i also sent Martha through aau approvals BEGGING them to consider her, but also knowing that, no matter what, she would be with me and i would work out the details later.  next thing i know, i got an email almost immediately from Lisa (co-founder of angels among us pet rescue (aau) and unabashed golden and flattie lover).  all it said was “yes, we will take her.  meant to be.”  so, lisa got the next crying call thanking her for this knowing we were full and low on money.

 i truly believe (and, while some might think i am just putting coincidences together, i CHOOSE to believe-as a buddhist and as my soul dog’s mom) baloo made this happen.  i wasn’t prepared when i picked martha up from the vet.  i knew she looked like baloo and even had the spots on the same side of her tongue, but i was not prepared for the fact that she looked EXACTLY like baloo, even down to this ‘crease’ he had under his eyes that i haven’t seen in any dog but him.  she is baloo’s EXACT lookalike.   martha had her puppies and this one little guy would always inch his way over when i was around. not to mention, his tongue was always out like it was too big to fit in his mouth!  i felt a pull towards this tiny little man.  as the days have gone by, i have noticed certain things which make me sure it is either baloo or the new soul dog baloo has chosen for me so that i may start to heal.  jude is a loner, always preferring to sleep away from everyone else (unless he’s eating), just as baloo was. yesterday, they were all fast asleep after having just been fed.  i’m talking puppy snores, fat asleep.  anyway, i very quietly called baloo’s name in a way that i only did with him (i can’t even begin to explain it, but he always knew it and would come running…it’s pretty distinct).  i did that same thing and jude literally jumped up!  none of the other puppies even moved and i made sure to do it quietly so they woudn’t. i didn’t expect jude to react.  so, whether i am looking for things or this is truly from baloo, jude is my man.  he may end up looking like baloo and he may not, but i feel baloo’s spirit and know jude is special.  and that heart jump the day i saw baloo…i lost another piece when i first saw jude.  he was the first one i picked up to check when martha gave birth and he always wakes up when i enter the room. 

 sorry for the VERY LENGTHY post, but i wanted to tell baloo’s story as well as how i knew jude was going to be mine.  so, while i am so happy to have given martha and nine other lives safety, love, and a warm bed, i am not the one to thank.  the thanks goes to baloo. 

 i can only hope jude is even half the dog baloo was, but i love him unconditionally already.  my heart has never healed from losing him (nor do i think that part of my heart will ever heal…the part that leaped onto him when i saw him that first day), but i believe jude will help me to fill it a little bit.  i feel baloo’s touch all over this.  and baloo, i must say, your timing was PERFECT!

 martha and her puppes were rescued because of baloo and ten lives were saved because of him.  i miss him each and every day and hope i honor him with this family and in raising jude, as well as finding loving homes for them all.

 thanks for reading this far…if you did!  sorry, so long.  truthfully, i could go on about baloo and tell baloo stories for days. 


***if you would like to follow the story of martha and her pups, please join ‘martha’s’ facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/512790242114895/


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