education…a poem.

In Education, Education advocacy, School reform on Friday, 6 September 2013 at 07:02
September 5, 2013

When public education was real.

Learning became a thrill.

Students learned to love to read,
And reading helped them to succeed.

School was fun each and every day.
And each student learned in a different way.

The love of school, the love of reading,
Had the students fully succeeding,

Now, testing and teaching to the test is everything,
No enrichment or review, no art and no time to sing.

Now we are producing a dumber generation,
And they are the ones supposed to lead the nation.

They can’t lead, so follow is what they will do,
For using their thinking skills will be something new.

What a mess they have made of our schools,
Treating all the teachers like worthless fools.

Public education is declining and going away,
And none of the veteran teachers want to stay.

So here we are in terrible situation,
Public education is ruined in our nation.



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