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suicide is not painless…

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blog to watch

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this is francesco portelo’s page.  he is one of the many in the ‘famous’ rubber rooms.  so, so many have been through the manipulations and lies of the ny doe.  francesco’s story is just one in many.  sad, but true.


you might also be interested in another case called “david versus goliath.”  david pakter fought and refused to back down.  he is a true hero in education and i am extremely proud to know him and be able to call him “friend.”  here is one link to his amazing story (ironically written by francesco portelos):


one more:


just know that these are only TWO stories in thousands.  many did not fight.  many tried to fight.  many sit in rubber rooms waiting to hear their “fate.”  it’s just not right.  when will this inane war on teachers STOP?  we have teachers who jump in front of bullets to save children, teachers who stay at work for DAYS with stranded students during a snowstorm instead of going home to their own families, as well as teachers who do remarkable things each and every day out of a true care for their students.  unfortunately, trying to save childrens’ lives or comforting them while they are stuck at school for two days are NOT part of the common core.  there are no tests to bubble in, so these things teachers did to protect their students and out of love don’t count.  there is no test to bubble in; nothing to show the things that go above and beyond.  instead, test scores determine their pay and could be a cause for termination. should student surveys and test scores determine a “good” teacher???  teachers are our everyday heroes.  please thank a teacher today.

a common core roadmap

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