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it’s ALL about the data…

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a new adventure!

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no longer employed by the public school system, i am free at last, free at last!

to see one of the things i am working on, please visit and “like” my facebook page


i am in the process of getting my 501 c-3 status and will, hopefully, be able to provide advocacy/consultation services free of charge.  the use of an advocate ensure the rights of all children to a free and appropriate education should not be cost prohibitive.  i would like these services to eventually be free to all but for now, am offering it for a small fee to help keep everything going and growing.  advocacy should be for ALL.  i’m going to make that happen.

Dear School Committee: Please Trust Us

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Here in Lewiston, Maine, a small group of experienced elementary school teachers put their thoughts together in an eloquent letter, which they presented to the local school committee on Monday nigh…

Source: Dear School Committee: Please Trust Us

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